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STRON will soon be listed on the BITFARM PRIME exchange.

We, STRON is trying to be listed on the BITFARM PRIME exchange in May 2019.
BITFARM PRIME is the international cryptocurrency exchange that has been officially licensed and opened in Australia. It operates a security application that provides a function to notify the user in real time in order to prevent hacking accidents at the user side or to suspend transactions according to the situation. It is so thorough about security. BITFARM PRIME has established a complete security system by introducing the world's top cyber security company, BCS's Wallet. In addition, the exchange is in the process of obtaining ISMS certification and ISO/IEC27001 certification.
By listing on BITFARM PRIME, STRON is committed to the most basic cryptocurrency security and strong commitment to investor protection. STRON will continue to follow the listing on the world's major exchanges and will further strengthen STRON's cryptocurrency ecosystem.


STRON is trying to participate in BITSUPER, the international cryptocurrency mining exchange.

STRON also participates in BITSUPER, the new international cryptocurrency mining exchange.

A mining exchange is an exchange in which the user automatically get tokens or coins through airdrops during cryptocurrency transactions. A Mining Exchange may redeem its own tokens, rather than merely commission fees, or may do airdrops on certain cryptocurrencies participating in the mining exchange, for example for the promotions. Thus, the value of the own token of the mining exchange is raised creating profit models, and the value of the mining exchange participants' cryptocurrencies are also to be raised.

STRON will be able to do mining and airdrop by participating in BITSUPER, which is a mining exchange, and will be able to expand STRON's market basement by making it compatible with SCHAIN, the token of the mining exchange. This, in turn, will enable the effects of increased value of STRON, compatible trading activity and joint expansion of usage.